Thursday, November 8, 2012

SEx: The Day Before

Along with my college best buddies whom I have been with on a Quezon Adventure before and whose mantra is to be on the road less traveled a.k.a. bawal ang maarte, we will be braving the Southern part of the Philippines tomorrow. We will prove to ourselves that there is more to General Santos and Sarangani than Manny Pacquiao.

And as always, planning the trip is my responsibility. I am not complaining, it is something that I enjoy doing.  I am actually thankful that my friends always trusts me with this important task and I honestly think I am good at it. ;)

So for the past few days I have been hopping on every single travel blog I could find that talks about their SOCCSKSARGEN Experience (SEx) and thankfully, I was able to create our 3 day itinerary. Thanks to the following blogs for the detailed sharing of their experiences: Marxtermind, Ireholic, Chasing Philippines and specially to Chasing Rins (for confirming that it is possible to be in Maitum and Maasim (Lemlunay Resort) at the same day). I will try to do the same for my future blog post regarding this trip. 

Below is the itinerary that I was able to formulate. Yes, it is in a notebook written with a pen and with color pencil highlights and not in a technological form. Heck! Yea, I am that old fashioned and besides, this is a nature trip, no city gadget allowed! :)

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