Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SEx Day 2: Bumming in Saranggani

A cold morning commenced Day 2 of our SEx (SOCSKSARGEN Experience). From a good night's slumber, we woke up at 5:30 AM and was able to be ready for breakfast by 6:30 AM. Unfortunately it wasn't early enough because we missed the fog in Lake Sebu but it we were still able to get a good view of the sunrise.

Sunrise in Punta Isla
One thing to keep in mind when ordering a meal in Punta Isla is that they take time in preparing the food. Probably to keep it fresh and served hot. Their normal serving time is 30 - 45 minutes, not the usual fastfood waiting time we are used to, so it is best to order it in advance. After a few sighs and follow ups, we were served a sumptuous breakfast.

Steamed Okra and Talong and Chicharong Tilapia
Durian Coffee
After breakfast, we checked out of Punta Isla at around 9 AM and got in a van bound straight to GenSan. Then from GenSan Bulaong Terminal, we took a tricycle (Php 50 / each) to the waiting shed where all the Maasim, Kiamba and Maitum bound jeeps and van are stopping to get passengers. After around 15 minutes of waiting, a jeep (Php 25) bound to Maasim picked us up and dropped us off Lemlunay Beach Resort. It is not hard to locate this resort as it is just along the highway and you'll know you're near once you get the sight of the breathtaking Saranggani Bay.

Pristine Blue Waters
WOW, just wow..

According to my internet research, Lemlunay is a T'boli word which means a good place to go into afterlife. Well it is a beautiful place, quite posh as compared to the nature-ish Punta Isla. We took an ocean view room good for 4 worth Php 2,500. Quite pricey for budget travelers but I must say it is worth it. Spacious room, hot and cold shower, clean towels, and a nice view of the beach from your bed. Not bad at all.

The blue water is so tempting, we wasted no time in getting to our swimming clothes and bask in the sun. The Saranggani Bay is not as calm as the snorkeling area in Boracay, thus me and my friend didn't went too far from the safe zone. There is no sea shore or sand here, just a stairway that leads you to the deep waters. There is no guide to watch over us while we were snorkeling and we were not brave enough to swim around so we weren't able to see the other corals but the fishes we saw are beautiful. The best I have seen actually, better than the ones in Boracay. We even saw two beautiful fishes flirting. Too bad we didn't have an underwater camera to capture their love affair which hopefully is not a secret. :D

Snorkeling at Saranggani Bay
After getting tired of fighting the waves and waiting for the eel to move away from the rope in the above picture, we decided to just soak in Lemlunay's infinity pool and channel our inner Anne Curtis. :)

Awesome Infinity Pool is Awesome

We then capped off our day with a delicious dinner and a few drinks over free wifi. SOCSKSARGEN people are really lucky to have awesome chefs that make these delish dishes possible.  :)

Chicken Parmigiana and Pork Humba
Chicken Ceasar Salad
Bottles Speak for Themselves

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