Monday, October 5, 2015

Skytrex Adventure: Defying Limits

Every time I invite someone to go with me to Skytrex I usually get the question "What is Skytrex?", I would then describe it as an obstacle course in the trees but according to their website this is what Skytrex is about:
Skytrex Adventure provides the first of its kind in Malaysia, a tree to tree  ‘sky-trekking’ experience where you can fly, swing, glide and dangle on the various aerial obstacles suspended above the lush tropical Malaysian Rainforest.  Take up the challenge and pump up the adrenaline on our many circuits at the various parks in which we are located and experience the best and most exciting forest adventure in Malaysia. 
Skytrex Adventure has two parks, one in Shah Alam and the other is in Langkawi. I was supposed to visit their Langkawi park last June but for some reason I skipped it and it has been bugging my mind ever since. Fortunately, I was able to find like-minded crazy people to go with me a few months after.