Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SEx Day 1: Lake Sebu Adventure

Armed with a colorful itinerary and eager hearts craving for new adventure, me and two of my college buddies hopped on an early morning flight with PAL bound to GenSan (General Santos). I was surprised to know that both my companions are first time flyers a.k.a. Virgins for this SEx (SOCKSSARGEN Experience).

The Virgins
Upon arriving GenSan, below is how we traveled to get to Lake Sebu:

GenSan Airport to Bulaong Terminal via Multicab -- Php 50.00 / each
Nonstop YBL Bus bound to Marbel                    -- Php 75.00 / each
YBL Bus bound to Surallah                               -- Php 24.00 / each
Jeep bound to Lake Sebu                                 -- Php 29.00 / each
HabalHabal to Punta Isla                                 -- Php 10.00 / each

Like most adventures, one of the Virgins experienced a Habal-Habal accident. Her right calf got burned by the habal-habal's exhaust. She doesn't want me to take a picture of it but it sure looks painful. In fairness to the motorcycle riders, they are very apologetic even if it is partly not their fault. But the adventure must go on and we all learned that the right way to get on a motorcylcle is on the left side, where the exhaust is NOT located.

So we checked in Punta Isla Lake Resort which is said to be the most popular resort in Lake Sebu. We got the Php 975 room which is good for 5 persons. Their rooms are native, very much in tune with the ambience. No free wifi or hot and cold shower, our room even has a big rat running around but I am not complaining as it is part of the whole adventure. :)

Punta Isla
View of Lake Sebu from our Room
 After being able to freshen up a.k.a. makapagpolbo, we then rented 3 habal-habals to be able to tour the Seven Falls Zipline, one for each of us which is a big mistake if you are keeping your budget at a minimum. Each habal-habal rider charged us Php 350. I think it is a reasonable price but it is our fault for not asking their price beforehand and for renting 3 habal-habals instead of just 1. Oh well, the riders are extra friendly so I guess it is fine.

With the Habal-habal Riders
The Habal-habal is not for the faint of heart. The Virgins both had a hard time in their motorcycle ride through the rough road. Figuring out how not to fall and not to strangle the rider with their tight grip at the same time is not easy, not having a helmet also freaked them out.

Anyways, the Seven Falls Zipline is dubbed to be the Tallest Zipline in the Philippines. It actually got my knees weak while I was standing in the zipline platform getting ready to be launched, but after being released and seeing the waterfalls, the rainbow and the ocean of green trees, I felt nothing but amazed.

Seven Falls Zipline
For the price of Php 250 for two connecting Zip lines and Php 100 to copy on your memory card all the photos while on the Zipline, we had an experience to remember and a remembrance to remind us of the experience.

Fortunately, it was Lake Sebu's 29th Foundation Anniversary during our stay so the municipality is in festive mode and there are activities in the plaza. Videoke sessions are booming in the beerhouse/bars just beside our room, very much unlike the eerie and quiet portrayal of Lake Sebu on most travel blogs. Good thing the people in this part of the Philippines have good taste in music and they have good singing voice too! Reggae music serenaded our evening. :)
And to the kuya who sang Champagne Supernova, you are awesome! 

After taking a quick shower, we excitedly went to Punta Isla's famed restaurant for our dinner. We order their specialty which is Tilapia.

Prutas sa Duyan, Sinigang na Tilapia sa Pakwan and Sinugbang Tilapia
And yes, the food is GREAT and SUMPTUOUS and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Serving is big and our meal which is good for 6 persons is just Php 709. We felt so full after the three of us tried to finish a meal double our sizes that sleeping was a breeze for us. We all fell asleep before 10PM with the hopes of catching the sunrise in Lake Sebu and to start the Day 2 of our SOCSKSARGEN Experience.

Goodnight Lake Sebu

The rest of the SOCSKSARGEN Experience:

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