Friday, November 30, 2012

Dumb Ways to Die

My Facebook wall has been displaying great amount of drama lately. C'mon, I am trying to nurse a broken heart here. Trying to move on from a break up from an 8 year relationship is not that easy. I often find my slumber loving self, sleepless. 

There are times when I felt afraid that I might not be able to move forward with my life. And on my late night over thinking sessions, I sometimes think that I have lost the reason for my existence. Hence, the trending emotional posts on my profile.

Then a Facebook friend from thousands of miles away took notice and posted this on my wall:

I am in tears due to laughter that I have not had in a while. 

The video features the dumb ways to die but I realized that what I am doing is the dumbest way to die. To let my heart and spirit perish while I am still living. I am young and healthy and I should not be wasting my time in despair. I lost the love of my life, I got hurt, I cried, I changed my relationship status, I hated the world, now it is time for me to move to GREATER THINGS. The greater things that I know I deserve. =)

I bet my friend from North Carolina posted that video on my wall just to give me a good laugh and didn't really meant to tell me the things I realized from the previous paragraph but yeah, I am thankful that I have awesome hipster friends! =)

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Noong isang araw nanakam ako sa mga kantang sumikat nung 2004. At ang unang kantang naisip ko ay ang Lunes ng Spongecola. Lunes din kasi nung araw na yun. Tapos naalala ko na yung CD pala ng spongecola ang regalo ko sa kanya nung una naming mansari. Tapos dahil Lunes at gusto kong saktan pa lalo ang sarili ko ay pinakinggan ko sa Youtube ng paulit-ulit ang mga kanta sa album na Palabas. Ang ganda ng lyrics ng mga kanta sa album na ito. Hanep. Parang mga tulang sinaliwan ng musika.

Hindi ko na nasubaybayan ang Spongecola matapos nilang maging sobrang sikat, pero hindi ko na sila masyadong naririnig ngayon. Pati na rin ang iba pang mga bandang nagumpisang sumikat noong 2004. Matapos ang walong taon, may mga ilan na nanjan pa rin pero hindi na kasing husay ng mga kanta nila dati yung mga inaawit nila ngayon. Marahil ay tuyo na ang kanilang bukal, ang bukal na unti unting inuubos ng pagkamulat sa buhay, responsibilidad at pagtanda.

Ngunit kahit wala ng mapiga sa dating umaapaw na bukal, ang bukal ay nanjan pa din. Pwedeng balikbalikan upang sariwain ang masayang ningning ng nakaraan.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pulpul Pulitika

"Kahit saan ka mapunta, kahit maliit o malaking kumpanya, may pulitika. Ang dapat mong matutunan ay kung pano sumakay at makipaglaro sa agos."

Yan ang payong nakuha ko mula sa isang katrabahong kaibigan nung sinabi ko sa kanya na sawa na ako sa Corporate Bullshit. Sa totoo lang hindi ko gusto ang sinabi nya pero batid ko sa isip ko na may katotohanan ito.

Naisip ko, totoo nga ba? Wala na nga bang ibang paraan kundi lunukin ang pulitika. Kaya nga ba ang pangarap ko ay manirahan sa isang bundok sa New Zealand na magisa. Ako ang magtatanim ng sarili kong pagkain, gagawa ng sarili kong bahay, iigib ng sarili kong pampaligo, gagawa ng sarili kong keso, maglililok ng sarili kong sapatos at bahala na ang mundo na maghukay sa sarili kong puntod. Tingin ko mas magiging masaya ako dun.

Nakakasuka na kasi ang ginagawa ng mga tao para lang umangat sila kaysa sa ibang tao. Tunay ngang ang tao ang pinakadelikadong nilalang sa mundo.

Hindi, hindi ako papayag na malunod sa pagpapaalipin. Hindi kailanman. Masyadong mainam ang ipinagkaloob sakin na utak para gawin ko iyon. At ito ang pag-asa ko. Kitakits sa KCON Business Stream!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

SEx Day 4: The Conclusion

The conclusion? 3 days is not enough to fully experience what SOCSKSARGEN has to offer. We weren't able to go to Tuka Beach in Kiamba, to Gumasa Beach in Glan and to the lavish provincial capitol of Sultan Kudarat. 

Actually after booking our 3 day trip to General Santos back in March, I was worried that there is not much that we could do in this part of the country. Unlike the more popular Bohol or Palawan, I thought SOCSKSARGEN has nothing to offer other than the chance of seeing Manny Pacquiao. I WAS WRONG.

From South Cotabato to Sultan Kudarat to Saranggani to General Santos, all of these places has something remarkably good to offer for tourists. Beautiful place, friendly people and good food are the three things that pretty much summarizes this region for me.

Whether you are looking for a fun filled adventure or a relaxing day at the beach or both, I highly recommend SOCSKSARGEN for you. 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SEx Day 3: White Water Tubing

We woke up to another cold morning in SOCSKSARGEN due to the heavy rain. We were worried that the downpour will go on throughout the day and that we will never get the chance to go on White Water Tubing, the climax of our SEx (SOCSKSARGEN Experience). I guess the force above heard our prayers and maybe liked our sun dance routine that the rain cleared just in time for sunrise.

The Sunrise that looks like a Sunset
After breakfast and paying out dues at Lemlunay, we bid this breathtaking place goodbye to head onto the highlight of our vacation. Along the highway just outside the resort, we went aboard a van with a bunch of friendly people bound to Maitum (Php 80 / each).

The travel time from Maasim to Maitum is about an hour but it felt like just 15 minutes because I enjoyed the beautiful sceneries of the mountains, the sea and the fields. We arrived at the crossing and rode a habal-habal to get to New La Union. 

Habal-habal ride to New La Union
Kuya's habal-habal is very pricey, Php 500 for 2 persons round trip. It is worth a taxi ride. Like most people in this part of the country, kuya is very hospitable and also partly because we have no other choice as he is the only habal-habal rider available, we agreed to his price.

This place is called New La Union because the ancestors of the people here are from La Union (the Northern part of the country which is thousands of miles away from Saranggani). This is also the reason why people here speaks Ilocano and not the usual Bisaya.

New La Union
For the price of Php 150 / each we were able to experience White Water Tubing at its best, just right after the rain. Now we know why it was raining earlier that day, so we could have a higher water level and the best rapids! Everything does happen for a reason. :)

Wicked Rapids!
With the Best Guide, Kuya Bans

After a quick shower a.k.a. banlaw, we again got on our expensive habal-habal ride and was dropped off the van terminal that is bound to General Santos (Php 80). We arrived at General Santos, took a tricycle to KCC mall (Php 10) and had our lunch at around 3 PM.

Dessert at KCC Mall
Because Amigotel said that their generators are not working and there is a rotating brownout in GenSan (I appreciate their honesty), we decided to stay in Jovinaj Travellers Inn which is a Php 8 tricycle ride away from KCC mall. We took the De Luxe room (Php 1,150) with hot and cold shower and free wifi.

Jovinaj Travellers Inn
After utilizing their free wifi service, we decided to go out and eat our dinner at Antipolo BBQ Station, an idea I got from Chasing Philippines. It is the best Isaw I have ever tasted, not to mention cheapest. Each BBQ and Isaw stick costs only Php 5. Antipolo BBQ station doesnt have fork and spoon available, so everyone must eat with their bare hands. Something me and my friends enjoyed so much that we probably consumed the most number of bbq and isaw in our entire lives.

Antipolo BBQ Station
BBQ at Isaw
 After consuming 7 sticks of ihaw-ihaw goodness, we walked around and as if we were not full enough, we bought green mango and tuna siomai from the vendors around Gaisano Mall.

Green Mango and Tuna Siomai
In our last night in SOCSKSARGEN, we again took advantage of the good food this region has to offer. We then resigned to our room to once again utilize the fast internet at Jovinaj and to wake up early so as not to be late for our flight back to reality. 

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SEx Day 2: Bumming in Saranggani

A cold morning commenced Day 2 of our SEx (SOCSKSARGEN Experience). From a good night's slumber, we woke up at 5:30 AM and was able to be ready for breakfast by 6:30 AM. Unfortunately it wasn't early enough because we missed the fog in Lake Sebu but it we were still able to get a good view of the sunrise.

Sunrise in Punta Isla
One thing to keep in mind when ordering a meal in Punta Isla is that they take time in preparing the food. Probably to keep it fresh and served hot. Their normal serving time is 30 - 45 minutes, not the usual fastfood waiting time we are used to, so it is best to order it in advance. After a few sighs and follow ups, we were served a sumptuous breakfast.

Steamed Okra and Talong and Chicharong Tilapia
Durian Coffee
After breakfast, we checked out of Punta Isla at around 9 AM and got in a van bound straight to GenSan. Then from GenSan Bulaong Terminal, we took a tricycle (Php 50 / each) to the waiting shed where all the Maasim, Kiamba and Maitum bound jeeps and van are stopping to get passengers. After around 15 minutes of waiting, a jeep (Php 25) bound to Maasim picked us up and dropped us off Lemlunay Beach Resort. It is not hard to locate this resort as it is just along the highway and you'll know you're near once you get the sight of the breathtaking Saranggani Bay.

Pristine Blue Waters
WOW, just wow..

According to my internet research, Lemlunay is a T'boli word which means a good place to go into afterlife. Well it is a beautiful place, quite posh as compared to the nature-ish Punta Isla. We took an ocean view room good for 4 worth Php 2,500. Quite pricey for budget travelers but I must say it is worth it. Spacious room, hot and cold shower, clean towels, and a nice view of the beach from your bed. Not bad at all.

The blue water is so tempting, we wasted no time in getting to our swimming clothes and bask in the sun. The Saranggani Bay is not as calm as the snorkeling area in Boracay, thus me and my friend didn't went too far from the safe zone. There is no sea shore or sand here, just a stairway that leads you to the deep waters. There is no guide to watch over us while we were snorkeling and we were not brave enough to swim around so we weren't able to see the other corals but the fishes we saw are beautiful. The best I have seen actually, better than the ones in Boracay. We even saw two beautiful fishes flirting. Too bad we didn't have an underwater camera to capture their love affair which hopefully is not a secret. :D

Snorkeling at Saranggani Bay
After getting tired of fighting the waves and waiting for the eel to move away from the rope in the above picture, we decided to just soak in Lemlunay's infinity pool and channel our inner Anne Curtis. :)

Awesome Infinity Pool is Awesome

We then capped off our day with a delicious dinner and a few drinks over free wifi. SOCSKSARGEN people are really lucky to have awesome chefs that make these delish dishes possible.  :)

Chicken Parmigiana and Pork Humba
Chicken Ceasar Salad
Bottles Speak for Themselves

SEx Day 1: Lake Sebu Adventure

Armed with a colorful itinerary and eager hearts craving for new adventure, me and two of my college buddies hopped on an early morning flight with PAL bound to GenSan (General Santos). I was surprised to know that both my companions are first time flyers a.k.a. Virgins for this SEx (SOCKSSARGEN Experience).

The Virgins
Upon arriving GenSan, below is how we traveled to get to Lake Sebu:

GenSan Airport to Bulaong Terminal via Multicab -- Php 50.00 / each
Nonstop YBL Bus bound to Marbel                    -- Php 75.00 / each
YBL Bus bound to Surallah                               -- Php 24.00 / each
Jeep bound to Lake Sebu                                 -- Php 29.00 / each
HabalHabal to Punta Isla                                 -- Php 10.00 / each

Like most adventures, one of the Virgins experienced a Habal-Habal accident. Her right calf got burned by the habal-habal's exhaust. She doesn't want me to take a picture of it but it sure looks painful. In fairness to the motorcycle riders, they are very apologetic even if it is partly not their fault. But the adventure must go on and we all learned that the right way to get on a motorcylcle is on the left side, where the exhaust is NOT located.

So we checked in Punta Isla Lake Resort which is said to be the most popular resort in Lake Sebu. We got the Php 975 room which is good for 5 persons. Their rooms are native, very much in tune with the ambience. No free wifi or hot and cold shower, our room even has a big rat running around but I am not complaining as it is part of the whole adventure. :)

Punta Isla
View of Lake Sebu from our Room
 After being able to freshen up a.k.a. makapagpolbo, we then rented 3 habal-habals to be able to tour the Seven Falls Zipline, one for each of us which is a big mistake if you are keeping your budget at a minimum. Each habal-habal rider charged us Php 350. I think it is a reasonable price but it is our fault for not asking their price beforehand and for renting 3 habal-habals instead of just 1. Oh well, the riders are extra friendly so I guess it is fine.

With the Habal-habal Riders
The Habal-habal is not for the faint of heart. The Virgins both had a hard time in their motorcycle ride through the rough road. Figuring out how not to fall and not to strangle the rider with their tight grip at the same time is not easy, not having a helmet also freaked them out.

Anyways, the Seven Falls Zipline is dubbed to be the Tallest Zipline in the Philippines. It actually got my knees weak while I was standing in the zipline platform getting ready to be launched, but after being released and seeing the waterfalls, the rainbow and the ocean of green trees, I felt nothing but amazed.

Seven Falls Zipline
For the price of Php 250 for two connecting Zip lines and Php 100 to copy on your memory card all the photos while on the Zipline, we had an experience to remember and a remembrance to remind us of the experience.

Fortunately, it was Lake Sebu's 29th Foundation Anniversary during our stay so the municipality is in festive mode and there are activities in the plaza. Videoke sessions are booming in the beerhouse/bars just beside our room, very much unlike the eerie and quiet portrayal of Lake Sebu on most travel blogs. Good thing the people in this part of the Philippines have good taste in music and they have good singing voice too! Reggae music serenaded our evening. :)
And to the kuya who sang Champagne Supernova, you are awesome! 

After taking a quick shower, we excitedly went to Punta Isla's famed restaurant for our dinner. We order their specialty which is Tilapia.

Prutas sa Duyan, Sinigang na Tilapia sa Pakwan and Sinugbang Tilapia
And yes, the food is GREAT and SUMPTUOUS and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Serving is big and our meal which is good for 6 persons is just Php 709. We felt so full after the three of us tried to finish a meal double our sizes that sleeping was a breeze for us. We all fell asleep before 10PM with the hopes of catching the sunrise in Lake Sebu and to start the Day 2 of our SOCSKSARGEN Experience.

Goodnight Lake Sebu

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

SEx: The Day Before

Along with my college best buddies whom I have been with on a Quezon Adventure before and whose mantra is to be on the road less traveled a.k.a. bawal ang maarte, we will be braving the Southern part of the Philippines tomorrow. We will prove to ourselves that there is more to General Santos and Sarangani than Manny Pacquiao.

And as always, planning the trip is my responsibility. I am not complaining, it is something that I enjoy doing.  I am actually thankful that my friends always trusts me with this important task and I honestly think I am good at it. ;)

So for the past few days I have been hopping on every single travel blog I could find that talks about their SOCCSKSARGEN Experience (SEx) and thankfully, I was able to create our 3 day itinerary. Thanks to the following blogs for the detailed sharing of their experiences: Marxtermind, Ireholic, Chasing Philippines and specially to Chasing Rins (for confirming that it is possible to be in Maitum and Maasim (Lemlunay Resort) at the same day). I will try to do the same for my future blog post regarding this trip. 

Below is the itinerary that I was able to formulate. Yes, it is in a notebook written with a pen and with color pencil highlights and not in a technological form. Heck! Yea, I am that old fashioned and besides, this is a nature trip, no city gadget allowed! :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: The FUN Run

I have been training and exercising everyday thinking I could outrun the Zombies at the outbreak, I was wrong. The EK Zombies are fast, fierce, merciless, hungry and freaking numerous!

I was killed by Zombies (err.. got my 3 flags) not even half way on the race. After dying I decided to just have fun and to just live up to my Nyan Cat costume. So I maxed the volume of my speaker booming the Nyan Cat nyan and started to mimic the Nyan Cat run.

I don't know if it's because I do not have flags left or if the Zombies got distracted with all my nyaning that they decided not chase me anymore. Some Zombies even decided to dance with my Nyan Cat err.. music. To the Nun Zombie, thank you for dancing with me and making my Outbreak experience 10x more fun and unforgettable.

It was also nice to have people recognize my Nyan Cat cosplay and be able to receive the "Ang cute" remark once in a while. Words could not explain how awesome this event was and I'd definitely do it again next year! 

Meanwhile, below are the snapshots I got before and after the run. I did not bring my camera during the race which is the biggest regret I have for that day. I wasn't able to take picture with the Zombies! Specially with the Spiderman Zombie who is probably the only Zombie that recognized me. 


Clown Zombie

Arabian Runners

Mogu-Mogu with me and my cousin




The Awesome Graffiti

The Finisher's Medal and Shirt

Friday, November 2, 2012

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: The Costume

I have been looking forward to this event that I put so much thought onto what my costume should be. I considered becoming Pocahontas, a shrimp (a sexy body with an ugly face), or the overly attached girlfriend among others. Then I saw a picture in Tumblr that inspired me to have a shirt customized with this glow in the dark print:

The shirt is awesome but it felt like there is something lacking. I saw someone came as the ridiculously good looking guy on Outbreak BGC and I thought to myself that I want something on that level. Simple, funny and easy to run in.

3 days before the event, I was at the office when it came to me. My office mates are blaming me for giving them a headache by introducing them to the Nyan cat video in youtube. Then, a light bulb moment occurred. I am going to be Nyan Cat for Outbreak EK! And it is going to be awesome!

So after a couple of google searches, trip to SM Southmall, SM Marilao and Festival Mall, and a little help from friends and family, I was able to put it together!


That is a pink speaker on my hand in that picture, the most important element of my nyan cat costume. Of course, what is a nyan cat if it doesnt have an irritating nyaning. :)