Friday, November 2, 2012

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: The Costume

I have been looking forward to this event that I put so much thought onto what my costume should be. I considered becoming Pocahontas, a shrimp (a sexy body with an ugly face), or the overly attached girlfriend among others. Then I saw a picture in Tumblr that inspired me to have a shirt customized with this glow in the dark print:

The shirt is awesome but it felt like there is something lacking. I saw someone came as the ridiculously good looking guy on Outbreak BGC and I thought to myself that I want something on that level. Simple, funny and easy to run in.

3 days before the event, I was at the office when it came to me. My office mates are blaming me for giving them a headache by introducing them to the Nyan cat video in youtube. Then, a light bulb moment occurred. I am going to be Nyan Cat for Outbreak EK! And it is going to be awesome!

So after a couple of google searches, trip to SM Southmall, SM Marilao and Festival Mall, and a little help from friends and family, I was able to put it together!


That is a pink speaker on my hand in that picture, the most important element of my nyan cat costume. Of course, what is a nyan cat if it doesnt have an irritating nyaning. :)

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