Sunday, November 4, 2012

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom: The FUN Run

I have been training and exercising everyday thinking I could outrun the Zombies at the outbreak, I was wrong. The EK Zombies are fast, fierce, merciless, hungry and freaking numerous!

I was killed by Zombies (err.. got my 3 flags) not even half way on the race. After dying I decided to just have fun and to just live up to my Nyan Cat costume. So I maxed the volume of my speaker booming the Nyan Cat nyan and started to mimic the Nyan Cat run.

I don't know if it's because I do not have flags left or if the Zombies got distracted with all my nyaning that they decided not chase me anymore. Some Zombies even decided to dance with my Nyan Cat err.. music. To the Nun Zombie, thank you for dancing with me and making my Outbreak experience 10x more fun and unforgettable.

It was also nice to have people recognize my Nyan Cat cosplay and be able to receive the "Ang cute" remark once in a while. Words could not explain how awesome this event was and I'd definitely do it again next year! 

Meanwhile, below are the snapshots I got before and after the run. I did not bring my camera during the race which is the biggest regret I have for that day. I wasn't able to take picture with the Zombies! Specially with the Spiderman Zombie who is probably the only Zombie that recognized me. 


Clown Zombie

Arabian Runners

Mogu-Mogu with me and my cousin




The Awesome Graffiti

The Finisher's Medal and Shirt

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