Friday, July 27, 2012


I thought I was invincible, but it turned out that a mosquito bite could knock me down. Well, the doctors didn't really confirm it was Dengue and the Rapid Dengue test results are negative but all of the symptoms I experienced pointed to that pesky mosquito. 

I got sick for 7 days, 2 of which was spent within the four walls of a hospital. On the first day, my fever was so bad that I couldn't even get up without being too dizzy and fall down again. I even asked my father to fetch me in my apartment so I could eat and come home to our province so someone could take care of me. I went to the nearby Medicard Center on the second day and the doctor doesn't even believe that I was sick because my temperature became normal after the sponge bath. The CBC showed that my segmenters are above the normal count so the doctor advised me to take some Co-amoxiclav. The on and off flu went on for the next days. I went to a second doctor (now in Bulacan) on the third day, this doctor had me take the Rapid Dengue test and another set of CBC, platelet count. The Rapid Dengue test showed that I am negative of Dengue but the CBC showed my decreased platelet count from 204 to 187. That and other bad things about my hematocrit and blah. On the 4th day, I thought I was fully recovered but I still revisited my doctor as per everyone's advice. He saw the results of the previous test and advised me to be confined to the hospital. I refused because I feel ok (thinking I am invincible). This is probably one of the worst decisions in my life because right after I got home, the persistent high fever started. At this point I am starting to channel Morrie (from Tuesdays with Morrie) and I am already praying and telling Him that let his will be done on me. The second doctor had me take the Thypidot test and another CBC for the fifth day. I am negative of Typhoid but my platelet count became 133 which is below normal. Even if I refused (me still thinking I am invincible), my parents decided to get me admitted to a hospital. I checked in Meycauayan Doctors Hospital Suite Room B last July 21. The first time I was ever admitted to a medical facility. I stayed there for 2 days. After couple of more lab tests, my platelets are back to normal and my third doctor with an LV bag advised me that I could go home already. And that was my week long battle with this viral blood infection that hit me.

If the sickness doesn't kill me, the helplessness that the dextrose gives and the over thinking that boredom allows will. I never want to be hospitalized ever ever again. 

And as I always do, I learned a couple of things with this experience (from my over thinking in the hospital).
Life is short. We should always do what makes us happy. Enjoy life NOW.  
Stop saving too much for the future, I couldn't enjoy all those money when I am dead.
No matter how much you eat right and exercise, if it is your time, it is your time. 
We should learn to appreciate everything in our life.
Your family will always be there for you during the bad times, so you should celebrate with them during the good times.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bikini Body Part 1: The Beginning

I used to have defined abs back in high school because I do at least 50 sit ups everyday. During PE, I would beat my male classmates in having the most amount of sit up repetitions in 2 minutes. Then came college when I lost a lot of weight (Engineering, nuff said) that my tummy looked flat even if I do not exercise. Then I graduated, got a job, had money to buy foods that I like, got old which slowed down my metabolism, which caused me to lose that oblique abdominal muscle definition that I have before.

Since I am aiming to be in an out of town destination more which would mean I get to soak in the beach more than I used to, and since I am 25, at the right age to be not so conservative, I thought I need those ab muscles back so I could wear a bikini and show it to the world *wink wink*. 

I have a planned out of town trip in November to South Cotabato (General Santos, Saranggani, Lake Sebu). I am the one who is doing the itinerary and even if I prefer the mountains than the beaches, I can not resist the waters that Glan, Saranggani has to offer.
Gumasa Beach
So, me in a two-piece low-cut bikini it is. I have 4 months to work my body off.

I have downloaded this video probably about a month ago and have been doing it at least twice a week. It features variations of planking that targets your upper abs, lower abs and obliques (love handles). I like this video because it is perfect for beginners, she is easy to follow and she mentions all the wrong things that a beginner might do.

Ok, below are the picture of the "before" body that I am working with.
FYI, I am currently eating this salty soup and drinking coffee that is why I look really bloated. Hehe! Excuses! Well, maybe I should eat healthier too.

In the span of four months, I will be posting pictures of my progress and even after that goal in November, I hope to continue planking until I can. Bikini body, here I come!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Health Inspirations

Lunch: Wendy's Big Macaroni Salad
Dinner: Left over lunch, Ripe Mangoes and Watermelon
Alam mo yung matagal kang hindi nag exercise ng todo todo tapos bigla kang tumakbo ng more than 30 minutes kaya nabatak ang mga muscles mo tapos natulog ka at paggising mo ay hindi ka na makatayo dahil ansakit ng katawan mo. Yan ang naramdaman ko kanina pagkagising ko pero dahil sa impluwensya ng mga finafollow kong fitness blogs sa Tumblr ay bumangon nga ako at tumakbo ulit. Sa pagkakataong ito, nakamahigit na limang ikot ako sa paligid ng SM Southmall. Hindi ko nga lang nabilang kung ilan kasi nagcoconcentrate ako na hindi himatayin dahil sa sobrang pagtakbo. Hehe. Ramdam ko ang mga ugat kong nanginginig habang tumatakbo. Hanep! I feel like a real runner that is pushing myself to the limits.. Echos!

Pero grabe ansarap tumakbo at pagpawisan at masikatan ng araw. Ito yata yung tinatawag nilang natural endorphin. Kahit pa hindi mamahalin ang sapatos ko, hindi katulad ng mga nakakasabay kong tumakbo na halos mga nakaNike Free lahat, kahit pa lumang Nike na nabili ko noon 2009 lang ang suot ko, ok lang kasi wala naman sa sapatos yan, nasa pagnanais mong maging healthy. =) 

Hindi na ako nakapagpicture ng sarili ko na kasing dramatic ang pose katulad nung previous post ko kasi nagmamadali na akong nagbihis para makakain na ako dahil nagugutom na ako (hehe) kaya ayan, pinost ko na lang yung kinain ko kahapon. 
Sabi nga nila, it's not a phase, it is a lifestyle. =)

At bilang pasasalamat at pagkilala sa kanila, ito nga pala yung mga encouraging na mga Tumblr health blogs na finafollow ko:

I am sure after browsing through those blogs, seeing the different ways that you could do to be healthy and seeing all those abs and rocking bodies, maiinspire ka talaga na magpakahealthy. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Early Morning Run

 Start the day right.

I think the DIY yoga from downloaded videos in youtube improved my strength. All those variations of planking, mountain pose, triangle pose, extended side angle pose, and down dog pose paid off. I was able to run longer distance without getting tired easily. I love it! I was able to do five laps around SM Southmall. Ok fine, it was alternate running and walking. The fourth and fifth rounds were mostly walking (hehe). Even if I wanted to run some more, I prefer to enjoy the sun. I was just walking slowly and feeling the warmth that the early morning sun has to offer. I hope it will not rain tomorrow so I can start the day right again. =)

Make Time for Your Dreams

I am a Network Engineer with a couple of certifications under my belt. I am a Cisco Certified Network Professional, Cisco Certified Design Professional, Cisco Certified Network Associate for Voice, ITIL v3 Foundation and ITIL v3 Operational Support and Analysis certified. Before you start hating me because of all this kayabangan (peace tayo :D), what I am doing is nowhere near the things that interest me most. 
My job has nothing to do with proper handling of money, it doesn't allow me to travel and it certainly doesn't make me a healthier person. In as much as I would like to quit my job and search for my self and what I really want to do, I can't. I need to earn money for me and my family. This is the sad reality. I can't go back in 2003 when I was in 4th year high school and choose another course instead of taking up Electronics Engineering (or Electronics and Communications Engineering back then). I need to give up my passions for a bigger paycheck.
I thought my dreams are over until I was introduced by my office mate, Sheryl, to the travel blog of Chyng Reyes. I read about her different travels in and out of the country and felt envy with all her experiences. I browsed her blog all through out my shift disregarding the trouble tickets that I have to work on (Boss, I don't usually do this! Promise! Haha. :D) because her stories are addicting. Then I realized how boring my life is and started to feel pity for myself as what I would always feel whenever quarter life crisis strikes. I was starting to drown in gloom when I clicked on her personal profile. She is an Electronics Engineer with a job in the IT industry just like me! Asahdshdfshfeiuwrhewdnfwekvnqhgijncgfwijefhiwqchrniuiehjrfwechrciwqhtni!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could actually continue doing the job that I know and still be able to travel!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to jump all over the place when I realized this (but I can't 'cause I am in the office). It feels like having your braces removed after so many years of metal slavery! Redemption! 
I learned from her blog that if I want to do something, nothing should stop me from doing it. I don't have to make any drastic life changing moves to follow my dreams, all I have to do is allot time for it. 
I hope I could get to see her, or join one of her group travels. No, I won't tell her that she changed my life in a way and that she inspired me and that she gave hope for my dreams because that would be stalker-ish and creepy. I would just thank her and tell her to keep safe in all her travel like a friend would. Thanks Chyng! =)