Monday, November 18, 2013

The Cordilleras: Seeking Serenity in the Clouds

All this time I thought I was traveling to find myself, I didn't realize that I am just using it as an excuse to escape who I really am.  
It is not always about meeting truckloads of new people and ticking off a new destination out of your list every week. Sometimes living life to the fullest means appreciating the relationships that you already have, bringing joy to whichever place you are always in and being thankful for that awesome person that you already are.

The Cordilleras: Baguio - Sagada - Banaue - Batad Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips

DAY 1 - 11/14
Price (Php)
ETD Manila via Victory Liner Caloocan
9:00 AM
ETA Baguio, take a taxi to AJ's Pension House
3:30 PM
Check in at AJ's Pension House
4:00 PM
1100 / 3 pax
Walk around Baguio City
5:00 PM

Dinner at Ganza Restaurant in Burnham Park
7:00 PM
700 / 3 pax
Walk around Baguio City some more and appreciate the night lights
8:00 PM

Back to AJ's Pension House, Lights out
9:30 PM

AJ's Pension House