Thursday, November 15, 2012

SEx Day 4: The Conclusion

The conclusion? 3 days is not enough to fully experience what SOCSKSARGEN has to offer. We weren't able to go to Tuka Beach in Kiamba, to Gumasa Beach in Glan and to the lavish provincial capitol of Sultan Kudarat. 

Actually after booking our 3 day trip to General Santos back in March, I was worried that there is not much that we could do in this part of the country. Unlike the more popular Bohol or Palawan, I thought SOCSKSARGEN has nothing to offer other than the chance of seeing Manny Pacquiao. I WAS WRONG.

From South Cotabato to Sultan Kudarat to Saranggani to General Santos, all of these places has something remarkably good to offer for tourists. Beautiful place, friendly people and good food are the three things that pretty much summarizes this region for me.

Whether you are looking for a fun filled adventure or a relaxing day at the beach or both, I highly recommend SOCSKSARGEN for you. 

The rest of the SOCSKSARGEN Experience:

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