Friday, November 30, 2012

Dumb Ways to Die

My Facebook wall has been displaying great amount of drama lately. C'mon, I am trying to nurse a broken heart here. Trying to move on from a break up from an 8 year relationship is not that easy. I often find my slumber loving self, sleepless. 

There are times when I felt afraid that I might not be able to move forward with my life. And on my late night over thinking sessions, I sometimes think that I have lost the reason for my existence. Hence, the trending emotional posts on my profile.

Then a Facebook friend from thousands of miles away took notice and posted this on my wall:

I am in tears due to laughter that I have not had in a while. 

The video features the dumb ways to die but I realized that what I am doing is the dumbest way to die. To let my heart and spirit perish while I am still living. I am young and healthy and I should not be wasting my time in despair. I lost the love of my life, I got hurt, I cried, I changed my relationship status, I hated the world, now it is time for me to move to GREATER THINGS. The greater things that I know I deserve. =)

I bet my friend from North Carolina posted that video on my wall just to give me a good laugh and didn't really meant to tell me the things I realized from the previous paragraph but yeah, I am thankful that I have awesome hipster friends! =)

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  1. hi paula. i dropped a comment at your make time for your dream post. *LIKE*