Saturday, July 7, 2012

Make Time for Your Dreams

I am a Network Engineer with a couple of certifications under my belt. I am a Cisco Certified Network Professional, Cisco Certified Design Professional, Cisco Certified Network Associate for Voice, ITIL v3 Foundation and ITIL v3 Operational Support and Analysis certified. Before you start hating me because of all this kayabangan (peace tayo :D), what I am doing is nowhere near the things that interest me most. 
My job has nothing to do with proper handling of money, it doesn't allow me to travel and it certainly doesn't make me a healthier person. In as much as I would like to quit my job and search for my self and what I really want to do, I can't. I need to earn money for me and my family. This is the sad reality. I can't go back in 2003 when I was in 4th year high school and choose another course instead of taking up Electronics Engineering (or Electronics and Communications Engineering back then). I need to give up my passions for a bigger paycheck.
I thought my dreams are over until I was introduced by my office mate, Sheryl, to the travel blog of Chyng Reyes. I read about her different travels in and out of the country and felt envy with all her experiences. I browsed her blog all through out my shift disregarding the trouble tickets that I have to work on (Boss, I don't usually do this! Promise! Haha. :D) because her stories are addicting. Then I realized how boring my life is and started to feel pity for myself as what I would always feel whenever quarter life crisis strikes. I was starting to drown in gloom when I clicked on her personal profile. She is an Electronics Engineer with a job in the IT industry just like me! Asahdshdfshfeiuwrhewdnfwekvnqhgijncgfwijefhiwqchrniuiehjrfwechrciwqhtni!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could actually continue doing the job that I know and still be able to travel!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to jump all over the place when I realized this (but I can't 'cause I am in the office). It feels like having your braces removed after so many years of metal slavery! Redemption! 
I learned from her blog that if I want to do something, nothing should stop me from doing it. I don't have to make any drastic life changing moves to follow my dreams, all I have to do is allot time for it. 
I hope I could get to see her, or join one of her group travels. No, I won't tell her that she changed my life in a way and that she inspired me and that she gave hope for my dreams because that would be stalker-ish and creepy. I would just thank her and tell her to keep safe in all her travel like a friend would. Thanks Chyng! =)


  1. kinilig ako. im flattered. is sheryl your ofismate? from sykes?

    inferness, napa-standing ovation ako sa certifications mo and i really felt envious too. ang galing. youre such an achiever.

    my fave quote would be "a goal without a plan is just a wish. " so yun lang, have a goal and plan for it. achieve yan for sure! =)

  2. Homaygas! Chyng? Chyng! Ikaw nga! teka panong?

    Yep, ofismate ko si Sheryl, ang alam ko taga Sykes siya dati, pati yung husband nya (Ivan).

    hehe, nakakahiya naman ang pagfafan girl ko sayo sa post na ito. Pero sa maniwala ka man o sa hindi, medyo nabago mo ang pananaw ko sa buhay. At dahil dun, salamat. :D