Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bikini Body Part 1: The Beginning

I used to have defined abs back in high school because I do at least 50 sit ups everyday. During PE, I would beat my male classmates in having the most amount of sit up repetitions in 2 minutes. Then came college when I lost a lot of weight (Engineering, nuff said) that my tummy looked flat even if I do not exercise. Then I graduated, got a job, had money to buy foods that I like, got old which slowed down my metabolism, which caused me to lose that oblique abdominal muscle definition that I have before.

Since I am aiming to be in an out of town destination more which would mean I get to soak in the beach more than I used to, and since I am 25, at the right age to be not so conservative, I thought I need those ab muscles back so I could wear a bikini and show it to the world *wink wink*. 

I have a planned out of town trip in November to South Cotabato (General Santos, Saranggani, Lake Sebu). I am the one who is doing the itinerary and even if I prefer the mountains than the beaches, I can not resist the waters that Glan, Saranggani has to offer.
Gumasa Beach
So, me in a two-piece low-cut bikini it is. I have 4 months to work my body off.

I have downloaded this video probably about a month ago and have been doing it at least twice a week. It features variations of planking that targets your upper abs, lower abs and obliques (love handles). I like this video because it is perfect for beginners, she is easy to follow and she mentions all the wrong things that a beginner might do.

Ok, below are the picture of the "before" body that I am working with.
FYI, I am currently eating this salty soup and drinking coffee that is why I look really bloated. Hehe! Excuses! Well, maybe I should eat healthier too.

In the span of four months, I will be posting pictures of my progress and even after that goal in November, I hope to continue planking until I can. Bikini body, here I come!

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