Friday, June 29, 2012

God Bless the World

A man that is fed up with pop culture, is sick and tired of the iGeneration and hates the idiot-box-dependent world so much that he wants to kill anyone who is a slave to it. I recently watched this movie and me and my Nokia 1208 could totally relate with Frank, the main character.

I agree with almost all of Frank's point specially the one's mentioned below:

No one has a real conversation anymore.
A group of friends couldn't hangout without anyone looking down on their phones.
The youth always has this need to record everything, they can't be contented with just being at the moment.
An 8 year old kid should NOT be given an iPhone or a Blackberry.
Every 16 year old spoiled brat should die 

This is not a deep heart-crunching life-changing movie. Some Nicholas-Sparks-novel-turned-movie-lover might even say that this is a nonsense movie. Vampire and Zombies would probably love this movie due to the abundance of blood and killing. But imo, the movie shows how ALL of us are victims of what we see on TV. Victims of what the different forms of media is trying to make us think. Frank is a victim of the boobtube too because he thought he was saving this William Hung Wannabe(WHW) from humiliation, what he didnt know is that WHW loves any kind of attention he could get. And with him knowing that, he lost his faith in humanity (to quote a famous 9gag line) and went on a killing spree with his AK9. 

If I am going to meet him in real life, I would probably go with him on his saving the civilization mission like this teenage girl he met. I could see my self in the character of Roxy, only with less cooler taste in music.

Nah, my hands wont be drenched with blood soon but I just wish for something better. I know this is one sign of ageing, when you think that the current generation SUCKS. 
Ok, enough for trying to make you believe I am a hipster. Your wifi capable phone is ringing, you might want to answer it while I blow your head off. =P

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