Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outbreak BGC 2

A zombie infested run in a yuppie infested place like BGC, you already know that it's not going to be as realistic as Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

I've been skeptical ever since they announced that the fifth outbreak (1 - Nuvali, 2 - BGC, 3 - EK, 4 - Cebu) will be in BGC again. I read reviews on the first zombie run in BGC and it wasn't good. But as a birthday gift to my persistent cousin, I agreed to register us to this fun run. 

This is our second time to join this event. The first one was in Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom on October 31, 2012 when I went as Nyan Cat. Halloween, Zombie run, inside a carnival with only Zombies inside, it is the perfect setting to psyche the runners. It is a huge success and it is really hard to top it off.

We registered on Wave 1, the first wave to be feasted by Zombies. The reason why I chose this wave is because I thought we would have more photos taken by Outbreak Manila's official photographers, I was wrong (hehe). 

I noticed that most runners are in their rich-kid costumes. As for me, I am on my Tony Tony Chopper New World Costrip.

I guess I expected too much on this Outbreak that is why I was disappointed. But I have several reasons why this event turned out as a dismay for me. 

1. Two obstacles were missing. The Walking Dead Zone and The Zombie hate bells.

2. The over promised under delivered obstacles. The Chews your Own Adventure Tents, the Garter Obstacle and the Maze are blah.
3. The so-so Zombies. Compared to the make-up and costume of Zombies in Outbreak EK, the Zombies in Outbreak BGC would be mistaken as normal people. Also, there was this female Zombie that annoyed me, she grabbed my backpack to get my flag. Cheater! Oh well, I have my way of cheating too, sucker.. =P 
4. The boring runners. Runners didn't bother to dress up unlike in Outbreak EK. And there are several times that I was used as a human shield by girls that I don't even know. Good thing I was on a happy-natural-high while running that I didn't even bother to give them a nasty look.

While running the 5k track, my cousin and I were discussing why Outbreak EK is so much better than Outbreak BGC 2. We think the only people that enjoyed the event were the first timers. 

One good thing about this Zombie run though is that I was able to bring my camera while running, something that I didn't do in the previous outbreak. I was able to take pictures with the Zombies. 

Here are my photos with the Outbreak BGC 2 Zombies.


White Lady turned Zombie

Cutest Zombie

Not A Zombie! Kuya Tugs Tugs

Romancing a Zombie

Tony Tony Chopper's Kung Fu Point = Double Dead Zombies

Warm Bodies


Traffic Cone Zombie? Nah.

Chopper > Zombies

One thing I learned is that Zombies love it when you take their photos. They forget that they are suppose to snag your life flags once they are in front of the camera. So for future Outbreak runners out there, take note of this as it is  a very effective technique to stay alive. :D

Nevertheless, I still think Outbreak Manila is the most fun fun run event there is. I will definitely join the next one although I hope it will be better. 

Now what shall I be in the next outbreak?

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