Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Script Live in Manila

Not too long ago The Man Who Can't be Moved was the only The Script song that I know. It is also because of this song and it's popularity that caused me to think that The Script is just another overrated band. 

Ever since my friends heard that this band is going to come back and have their second concert here in Manila on March 31, 2013, they've been restless. We bought our tickets 4 months before the concert because they are too paranoid that the tickets will ran out fast like the band's first sold out concert in 2012. Truth is I was wondering why my friends are too crazy about this band. 

That is until that faithful Sunday, I just finished listening to Greenday's Awesome as Fuck Full Concert in Japan and I still have 3 hours left on my work shift. Out of nowhere, I decided to search for a full concert by The Script in youtube so I'd know what to expect on their much hyped 2013 Manila comeback, and after I clicked that first The Script video, I was hooked.

I like how the vocalist (which I later learned to be named Danny) interacts with the fans while he is singing. He is not the best singer but he sure knows how to put up a good show and make people want to be in the VIP section. I hope all bands would realize the real reason why fans pay thousand of bucks to be in the front row. No, it is not just to hear a band play live music, coz if that is the case they'd be fine with a general admissions ticket. 

I fell in love with this band even more after I googled the lyrics of their song. For someone nursing a broken heart, Six Degrees of Separation is the most accurate post-breakup song I ever come across.

Again it was a lazy Sunday at work a few hours before their concert when I clicked on their most recent full concert video which turned out to be a HUGE spoiler. I went to their concert later that day in Smart Araneta Colliseum only to find out that the set list, the beer chugging, the photo with the crowd, and the band's introduction before each song are similar to that in the video but one thing turned out to be different. 

Still based on that video, I know that the band will have an encore after the song For The First Time and the real last song is Hall of Fame BUT they did an encore within their encore a.k.a. encoreception. For a few moments I thought they are going to sing Millionaires because I tweeted them a couple of times requesting to make it their last song. Too much for wishful thinking! They sang Good Ol' Days again which is also their first song. 

Their drummer tweeted that this is their first time to do an encore after the encore, of course I had to tweet them back (#stalker).

I have their encoreception in video, all 12 minutes of it but with my internet connection it will take me a week to upload it so here is what I have. This is probably my favorite The Script song as I find it the most relate-able. I think it is pretty obvious with how I sing along in this video:

I enjoyed this concert even at the General Admissions section where most of the crowd are pushing adolescence. In my opinion, this tops the Incubus and Maroon 5 concerts that I've been to. I am not saying that the guitarist (Mark Sheehan) has better riffs, or the drummer (Glen Power) has better stick tricks, or the vocalist (Danny O'Donoghue) is more rock n roll but you could see that The Script are enjoying themselves while on stage and that the limelight and old age haven't consumed them yet

My friends and I vowed to ourselves that the next time we are seeing The Script live in concert, we will be buying the most expensive tickets to be on the front row just so we could at least touch Danny's pinky. #manyaknafan

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