Monday, August 27, 2012

Be You

So at first I thought my life was a waste and that there is no hope for me because I wanted to travel but my job is not the traveling kind of job, but then I was introduced to Chyng Reyes. An ECE who also works in the IT industry but still manages to travel to different parts of the country and the world. And because of her, my Dora The Exploradora hopes was redeemed.

Then, I came across this very informative website of Foreclosure Philippines and I have been reading it for these past few days. I learned how attainable it is to be a real estate investor if only one will put an effort in it. Jay Castillo is the one who runs that awesome website and he gives pretty good tips for noobs. Afterwards, I realized that I also want to invest in real estate and that same feeling of dismay showed itself to me again because I felt like I am doing the job that is not made for the things I like and the things that I have knowledge of. Then, I stumbled at one of his comments in his articles saying he was an I.T. graduate. Wow. 

Another person from my industry who is doing what he wants to do even if his specialization in college has nothing to do with it.

Lesson of the Story:
Do not let your past define your future, just do what you want to do, NOW.

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