Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sakae Sushi and the Newlyweds

It has been a year and a half since I quit my first job and moved on to a new one. Even though I was able to travel to different parts of the country, my main reason for quitting is that I do not see myself being what my bosses are 10 years from now. I am willing to take more risks and exert more effort for my career. But if there is one thing I am grateful for in being a contractual Computer Operator in LandBank, it's that I am able to build friendships with different people from various parts of the country. 
Some of which are my Land Bank friends that I met when I last visited Davao. 
Sir Vincent from Bansalan branch and Mam Elaine from Digos branch, they just got married and they visited Manila for their honeymoon. When I was in Davao, they accommodated me well so I thought I'd return the favor. I treated them in Sakae Sushi in Robinson's Ermita together with my other teammates in Land Bank Wide Area Network (WAN) Team that I haven't seen in a while.
I thought I'd take them there 'cause for sure there are no sushi-all-you-can with a fancy conveyor in Davao and now, this blog post will turn from friendship appreciation post to a food review.
The food in Sakae Sushi is awful. The maki and sushi tastes bland. The only thing that we liked is the crab stick. Other than that, the 399 Php is an effin waste of money. All the six of us did not enjoy the food. We should have eaten in Racks which is just beside it, but oh well, at least now we know never to eat there again. We just chit chatted our dismay away and good thing, we are still able to smile and have our picture taken with their overpriced food. 
The photo above was taken after we are done forcing ourselves to take in the sushis and makis. Notice that there are only few empty plates in our table, considering that there are six of us. We just washed out the weird taste in our tongues at the nearby Starbucks. After all, there is nothing that good coffee and a mindless conversation can't make up for..


  1. just read your blog maam misty.....hope we'll see each other soon...and eat some sushi again?(hehehehe)...ramen or some korean stuff maybe...

    -vhinz& elaine-

  2. hi, maam misty. just read your blog....hope we'll see each other again soon..and eat some sushi again?(hehehehe)...or maybe ramen or korean stuff...