Saturday, April 14, 2012

Conquering Makati

Makati. Say that word to me and expect a frown or a "the-hell-I-care" look. I don't know why but I hate Makati. I despise it. It intimidates me and the people walking its streets appear to wear really tight underwear on a daily basis. 

So yeah, I got scheduled for an interview at a company in the 39th floor of RCBC Plaza Tower 2. My usual reaction for interviews in Makati would be to have it scheduled and then argue with my self and make up a logical excuse for me not to go. But this time I thought, "What the heck, wearing a tight underwear for a day prolly wont hurt."

It is the highest  that I have been on a man-made structure. I am afraid of heights but the view of Makati and its bright lights at 9:30 pm is fascinating.
Too bad I don't have an iPhone (or a camera phone for that matter) but the view is perfect for Instagram and would prolly get a lot of like in Facebook.

The interview did not go well because the position I am applying for and my job experience are not very much similar and my asking price is as high as the floor level that I am in.
It wasn't a waste of time though because ADP has good reading materials. I learned a couple of things about leadership and menopause with the magazines in their waiting area. I also learned to Never Give Up on My Dreams (except that of being a supermodel). Another thing I learned is that reality is a bitter pill that you have to swallow or else, you'll die in delusion.

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