Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Highschool Yearbook Dream

I was going through some old stuff and then I came across my dusty high school yearbook. I don't like looking at it because I look weird in my picture (yes, that is adolescent insecurity talking right there). Even if I probably had a fun high school life, there is really nothing special there for me to look back to. And by the previous sentence I mean, I had a lot of friends but no romantic puppy love relationships.

I was the class clown, I am everybody's friend and I let everyone copy my assignment. It was a nice position to hold because I think most people likes it when I am around. Although I can't say that I have really close friends that I could turn too when I am not smiling anymore or maybe I just don't want to let anyone break through my wall back then.. 

Well, yeah, this is my yearbook picture with my address, my ambition, my  current achievements and my motto in life. After 9 years, I just realized how the editor fucking messed up my ambition and my motto to match my already messed up face.. XD

Correct Ambition: To make a useful and meaningful difference
Correct Motto: You'll learn more about a road by traveling it rather than consulting all the maps in the world 

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