Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sound like this girl is lost. But come to think of it, a person who doesn't have a destination could never be lost but sailing without a harbor in mind is tiring. 

I am tired of floating around without a clue where should I go. The lack of post in this blog is an evidence. It means there is nothing happening in my life that I feel is worth sharing. I feel like I have this larger than life spirit that is just waiting to take off but something is preventing it to soar. 

If I am going to summarize my passion to three things they are finance, health and traveling. But my job is nowhere near those three, what a tragedy. Ok, so maybe the reason why I am doing diverted things from my passion is because I do not set goals.. err, destination. Fine. So let me create concrete aspirations.

I am going to be a billionaire with passive income by the age of 35.
I am going to have my own house by the age of 30.
I am going to straighten up my finances before I reach 26. 

I am going to get serious with yoga and I am going to work out at least one a week.
I am going to have abs before this year ends.
I am going to share health and wellness knowledge with other people.

I am going to go to a different country at least once a year.
I am going to go to a new place within the Philippines at least twice a year.
I am going to aim for a travel job.

There you go. I know, I know. These goals are quite vague but at least now I have goals to aim for instead of just swimming with the current of life. I am reclaiming my dreams. Yes. 

Oh, and I might have to change that description on my blog as I am not lost anymore.


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