Friday, March 2, 2012

An Early Morning Jog

It has been a while since I run/jog my ass off so today I decided to break a sweat. Good thing I am living near an SM Supermall so there is an ample sized parking lot that I could use for running. So at 6:00 AM , together with other sweaters, I run lapses around SM. I love free things and I am not a fan of expensive gym memberships so this cheap but effective workout does the trick. I alternately ran and walk, well, mostly walk cause I don't want to pass out if I push it too hard. Nangangalawang na ako e, so I have to build my endurance again. I did that for one hour and since I haven't had my breakfast, I already feel dizzy. Plus the fact that I didn't brought a bottle of water, I felt dehydrated too so I decided to go home. 

I really prefer running in the afternoon cause the temperature gets colder so I could run for as long as I want and I don't feel hungry that fast. Oh well, it is good getting healthy again. I love the after-exercise-glow. Anyways, I bought these for my breakfast. I am not sure of the calorie or carb content of these but I am not the type who stress my self with things I eat. It may be a bad thing but hey, it works for me. I just try to avoid fast food and keep everything in moderation.

Puto, Sapin-sapin and Saging na saba

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