Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mt. Batulao: Celebrating Life and Embracing Freedom

“A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.” - Latin Proverb

I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day, partly because I've never experienced anything memorable on all my Feb 14s and mostly because of the consumerism that comes with it. But I thought I'd do something better this year than hate on the overflow of love and its corporeal things so I took four of my lovely, single, and unattached friends out on a date that they will never forget. 

Besides, we might as well take advantage of the freedom we have of going on a guilt-less trip a day after Valentine's day.

February 15, 2014

Mi Ladies

With the chef and his best lugaw in the whole wide world

A sunny, windy and dusty climb

Mt. Batulao and a few of its 10 peaks

With Kuya Edison a.k.a. Boyet

The world is my Valentine, I love you world. :)

I hope I gave these girls one of the best dates of their lives. :)

Yes, we walked through those peaks.

THIS > Makipagsiksikan sa mga restaurant sa Valentine's day 
On this mountain I learned that there are no best or worst climb. Every ascent and descent are experiences to learn from and moments to cherish.


0600 Assembly at LRT Gil Puyat Station
0630 ETD to Nasugbu, Batangas via DLTB Bus 
0900 Arrival at Evercrest
0930 Start trek via the Old Trail
1200 Arrival at summit; lunch
1300 Start descent via the New Trail
1500 Back at Evercrest; clean-up at nearby sari-sari store
1630 ETD for Tagaytay 
1700 ETA Tagaytay; anything goes from here

Partial Expenses:

DLTB Bus from Gil Puyat to Evercrest                    PHP 111
Tricycle from Evercrest to the jump off                  Php 30
Guide Fee                                                         PHP 500 / 4 pax
Registration Fee on the Old Trail                          PHP 20
Registration Fee on the Old Trail                          PHP 20
Best Lugaw in the World                                     PHP 25
Buko in the Mountains                                        PHP 30
Shower/Ligo Fee                                                 PHP 20

Total Estimated Expenses: PHP 1,000


1. If you/your group are mostly beginners, it is best to hire an old guide to assist you in steep parts of the trail. Most blogs say that they hired a young (age 9 - 12) trek guide to sort of help the kids make a living and support their schooling which is a noble thing but I saw a few groups with a kid guide and they do not assist in the arduous parts of the climb.
2. Take the Old Trail - New Trail route. Or New Trail - New Trail. In my opinion, the descent via the Old Trail is the most challenging route to choose because of the loose rocks. But if challenge is what you are after, then by all means take the New Trail - Old Trail.
3. This is a very hot and dusty climb. Do not forget to bring sunblock, arm cover, cap, and most importantly, handkerchief/bandana or anything that you could use to cover your nose to protect you from the having loads boogers after the climb. The trail mostly consist of grasslands and loose rocks and soil so you are exposed to the elements.
4. Eat lugaw/rice porridge at the store in the Fork of the Old Trail (left downhill) and New Trail (right uphill). Without exaggeration, it is the best lugaw we have ever tasted.
5. Contact Kuya Edison Regala a.k.a. Boyet if you need a trustworthy guide. He is quite popular in the area based on the amount of people that greets him along the away. His contact number is 0921 297 8752.

Credits for the help of the following blogs:
Pinoy Mountaineer


  1. Ikaw na talaga paula lakwatsera! buti ka pa naka akyat na dito ako pangarap pa din! Gagawin ko tong inspiration. lels. #NextVDay!

    1. Kirkkkkk!! Go na! Yakang yaka mo yan ng mga 3 hours paakyat at pababa! Sama mo si Paul, gusto din daw nyang umakyat jan. :)