Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baler: The Uncombed Story

He never looked nice. He looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.

He is not a standout. His beaches are not as pristine as Palawan and Boracay. His sceneries are not as picturesque as the Cordilleras. But she found herself back to him a month after her last visit. 

For sure it is not the waves that made her return to his mediocre arms. It is something else. 

Because he has things that her parents warned about, he provided her that short-lived feeling of false freedom, that exhilarating pleasure of doing something forbidden. He made the uptight corporate slave hang loose. 

He accepted her despite her uncool past. He would oftentimes stare into her eyes with desire even if she haven't picked up a comb in five days. It was an extremely late teenage dream that came to life.

But her teenage years are long gone and she is too stained by the real world to still believe in happy endings. She realized that this is a familiar feeling, the feeling that she broke free from not too long ago. 
No, she doesn't want to go back to Day 1, not again.

The longer she lingers in his world, the clearer it gets of how unfit she is in it. Don't get her wrong, it was a world she had wanted all long. But now that she has a chance to jump in, it doesn't feel right for her.

Five days into him, she started to crave for routine and long for balance. Much to her dismay, she is not built for the in crowd after all. 

He is too popular for her and she is not the type who likes to fight for attention. 

Will she ever go back to Baler? Maybe
She will forever cherish their memories along with the truest people encountered along the way but she has another peak to conquer soon and it is not the barreling type.

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