Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happily Ever After

True love is when there is nothing to love in a person but you still do.

This movie's main character is a poor girl named Yukie, who is looking for happiness that life deprived of her since she was a kid. The story is about true friendship, enduring love, and forgiving family. No special effects except for the slow motion table tipping scenes by Yukie's darling, Isao. 

This is the best movie I've seen since Homerun by Jack Neo. I was crying all through out the movie because I could very well relate to it. A poor girl who was abandoned by her mother, left to an irresponsible father, in a relationship with an unemployed guy and is searching for happiness. That sounds like the story of my life. 

If you are a Twilight fan and a Hollywood chick flick fanatic, this would not be a good movie for you. The kind of relationship that Yukie and Isao have is the type that not many people understand unless they go through it. This is not the candy coated prince charming damsel in distress type, I could very well attest that this love story happens in real life. An imperfect love between two imperfect people.

I would like my single hopeless romantic friends (which is about 90% of them) to watch this movie and see what I am telling them for so long. That love is not like those Disney princess fairy tales, it would most often than not hurt you and give you something to complain about. But that is what makes love so great, you stay no matter what because you see what other people do not see.

And before I forget, the main plot of this story (as title implies) is really about Happiness. As how I interpret the ending, it shows that we do not have to look far to be happy, we just have to look around and realize that we are loved. That our happiness should not depend on the presence or absence of something. Happiness has always been given to us, we just could not see it because we are grasping it too tightly in our hands.

Lastly, Yukie learned that the meaning of her name is "happiness will be yours forever" and she lived happily ever after.

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