Sunday, May 20, 2012

John Robert Powers

John Robert Powers will help me become a better person.

That is how I saw JRP ever since I've heard it from some movie or tv commercial. I actually can't remember the first time I've heard of this institution and the wonders it could do to change your personality but since that day, I thought to myself that this is what I need.

Years passed in my life, living in introversion, until that fatal day when I finally had the guts and money to enroll at JRP. And by money, I mean MONEY. It is an insane amount but oh well, this is what thought I need to be a better person.

And at last, here it is! I could finally be who I want to be, someone confident, vocal, and strong. Someone who could say what they feel and not be guilty about it, and someone who doesn't care what other people thinks.

My schedule for JRP is two hour sessions twice a week. Week after week I religiously attended my classes hoping for a good result but what suppose to be magical moments are.. um.. nothing

I actually feel unhappy before and after my sessions 'cause its like I have to put on a mask during the session. Plus, the idea of people telling you what to do so that other people could stop telling you what to do doesn't make sense.

For most of the times I attended my classes in JRP, I felt something is wrong and it is not what I had expected it to be. Unlike how it was marketed, JRP is not a fairy and it couldn't just wave its wand to instantly make you someone better. 

In the end it is really up to me, if I am going to change for what I thought is the better me. And my opinion is paying someone a little less than a hundred thousand pesos just for something that will depend on myself is not a good idea.

Just today, I watched the Feast that was led by Bro. Bo Sanchez and he mentioned that we should stop living life under a cookie cutter. Because if we do, we will just live in pain. He said that the Creator made us who we are for a purpose. And instead of trying to change who we are for what we think is socially better, we should exert our effort in trying to find our purpose. And with those words, JRP is what instantly came to my mind. 

I am sure JRP had made other people's lives better 'cause it wouldn't be where it is now if not for that but I guess my own personal reason for applying at JRP is wrong. JRP is not what I need. Actually, being someone else other than who I am is probably not what I need. 

And as what Bro. Bo said, if you are quiet, continue to be quiet 'cause The Creator made that way for a purpose.

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