Thursday, January 19, 2012

The UST Incident

Too much for being happy, I hit a minor bump last Saturday. 

So my next class in John Robert Powers is "power dressing" and we are asked to bring a set of corporate clothes and a set of formal clothes. Well, most of my clothes are in Bulacan and I am in Alabang and going home would be a hassle. Also, I am trying to be more frugal so buying new clothes is not an option. So I asked my cousin who is staying at our house and is studying in University of Santo Thomas (UST) to bring my clothes and meet up with me. UST is almost halfway between Alabang and Bulacan. 

And there we are in UST on the afternoon of January 14.  I decided to treat my cousin as a sign of gratitude for all the trouble. We ordered food in Greenwich, still inside UST. I ordered this soggy carbonara and she ordered a cheesy baked macaroni. Then in the middle of our meal she started to open up and tell me stories about her new boyfriend. I already knew about this from her facebook account but I pretended not to know. And as we are talking, I noticed this girl at my back who is acting suspicious and is sort of lurking around us. Then I saw that the zipper in my bag, which is beside me, is open so I closed it. I for a split second thought that she might do something with my belongings but I trashed that thought cause I think to myself that my cousin is in front of me and she would see it if this bitch would try to get my bag. But I was wrong, the next time I glanced at my red bag, it was gone. Fuck. Phone, IDs, 3000 Php worth of cash, my comb, my toothbrush, my mouthwash, my red eyeglasses.. Gone. 

Me and my cousin tried to look for her but I gave up after 5 minutes of searching cause UST is so big and I know that we will not find her and the next logical thing to do is to have my ATM cards deactivated. While contacting different people, I was still able to smile and laugh. It sucks but I realized how unattached I am to material things. I did not shed a single tear, although I want to bitch slap that girl. Anyways, good thing my keys are on my pocket so I could still go home. And on the train in my way home, I even let an old woman have my seat. Wow. No matter what wrong has been done to me, I refuse to let it affect how I deal with other people. I actually felt lighter without all the material things that I always bring with me to make me feel secure. I don't want to say that this is a nice experience because being robbed and having to pay for different fees to be able to have my ATM cards and IDs replaced sucks big time but this incident taught me one significant thing.
"To invest in intangible things like friendship, love, travel experiences, improving your talents, instead of material possessions because the latter could easily be taken away."

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