Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Its 2012, the year of the mighty blazing dragon and like every other year, everyone have high hopes at this new beginning including me (much to the dismay of my non-conformist self). As mentioned in my previous entry, this year's theme will be "live like its the end of the world" (not to imitate Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj). To stop living life based on the standards of other people, to do what I have long been setting aside in the future because the future is now.
So here is my tentative bucket list:
January - I'll play my first song in my guitar.
February - I'll get a heart tattoo
March - I'll travel to another country
April - I'll have my abs ready for summer

So anyway, this pic is the meal I had to welcome the new year, and 2012 will be just like this image. Crazy, fulfilling, unpredictable and sweeeet! Cheers!

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