Friday, March 27, 2015

The Next Big Adventure

"This could be the last solo travel that I will embark in a while." - Paulakwatsera in Cebu, December 2014

Destiny always finds a way to prove me wrong. 

Just when I declared that I will not be traveling alone anytime soon, here comes the greatest solo journey of my life. 

March 20th, what should have been the International Day of Happiness is the day I left my loved ones to work and live in a new country for a few years.

As I was on my way to the airport, I thought to myself that I could have just let this opportunity pass by. I am on the start of a relationship with someone who is finally good for me, I also just got an above average salary increase and performance bonus. My career and love-life are both running smoothly. If I was a normal person, I would have been contented but my radical self thinks otherwise.

I want something more, something new, something different. I may have lost a few travel bugs but I still got the dreamer's disease.

I am now a week deep into my two-year work contract in Malaysia and it has been a challenging couple of days in terms of adjusting to the new environment. I found myself almost stuck in an old elevator twice, walking in an empty car park in the wee hours of the morning not knowing where to exit, crossing a dark alley everyday that even the locals consider as dangerous, homesick, and broke for next 30 days.

At this moment, I could have been doing my daily routine for the past four years and six months instead of experiencing these inconveniences but thank goodness I am not.

Did I made the right choice of leaving? I don't know but I am here now and I accept the challenge. At this point I could not say it is better here but it is different and different is what feeds my existence. 

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