Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Onshore Thoughts of a Surfer's Nonsurfer Girlfriend

"Guys, this is Pau, my... girl."
"Hey, do you surf too?"


Weak smile as a response, and they go about talking how glassy the waves are earlier that day and how good the waves are going to be tomorrow according to the forecast at another spot.

No one even bothers to ask what I do for fun. Heck, I've been to a lot of adventures than a normal person and I thought my life has been pretty interesting because of my travels until I got to know him. Then I realized how boring, comfortable, and normal my life is. Also, how antisocial, old-fashioned, uncool and unstylish I am.

The Endless Wait

Your boyfriend is a surfer so when he goes surfing with his friends and you are left at the beach, what do you? Most of my hours were spent sitting in the shore, digging my toes in the sand and staring at the horizon. I could have found me some new beach bummer friends but I don't really like little talks. Solemnly watching the sun rise and the sun set is fine but I will eventually get bored and question the universe why I have to endure this kind of boredom while he is out there doing something he love the most.
Sometimes it makes me think that maybe I should try to learn how to surf too, so I do not have to just wait for him to come back in my arms every end of the day. So I could conquer waves of my own, and be that legit, tanned, always-in-a-bikini girlfriend that could relate to his surfing stories. Besides, the line up is usually male-dominated so my feminist self says I should do something to prevail over these testosterone clad waters.

Love and Hate

They say love is a matter of choice but no matter how hard I try to shove surfing down my throat, I don't enjoy it that much. Yes, as superficial as it may sound, I value porcelain skin and a bruise on my leg makes me depressed. Honestly, bumming around the beach under the palm trees in a hammock for days is not really my kind of thing (weird, I know). Also, I don't dig the amount of booze and substances that seem to be a post-requisite for hanging ten. Well as they say, only a surfer knows the feeling.

But I am in head over heels with a surfer and this is his life. The only problem is that the life I live is something quite different, a life that is a little less exciting but I am ok with it.

A Surfer's Girlfriend

I am a wanderer, a blogger, a daydreamer, a music lover, a health and wellness freak, a financial freedom aspirant, and a licensed electronics engineer. A surfer's girlfriend, or worst, a surfer's girlfriend who doesn't surf is a title that I am not most fond of.

I am more than just that clueless little girl who waits for his man in the shore. It is a scenario that I despise as it makes me feel worthless. I can't just wait. I need to constantly move. I need to climb that mountain. I need to explore that uninhabited beach without waves. I need to experience that different, non surfing, culture. I need to attend that interview. I need to pass that exam. I need to make things work. I need to conquer that country. I need to change the world. 

The Fault in Our Stars

But really, after long hours of waiting in the shore, over thinking and pondering that maybe this uptight-ambitious corporate slave is not meant to be with the laid-back-happy-go-lucky surfer, this sight removes all hesitation. At the end of the day, no matter who we are and how differently we live our lives, we give zero fucks to our stars and choose to be with each other.

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