Saturday, February 2, 2013


She is Cassey Ho and her social media sites bear the name of Blogilates. I thinks it means Blog + Pilates. She is famous for her Pop Pilates videos. Pop Pilates meaning she base her Pilates/Cardio/HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts on pop songs such as Taylor Swift, One Direction and Maroon Five songs.

Like tons of her other followers, I love her energy, how she motivates you to push yourself to the limits, how she tells you a story during a really hard workout to try to keep your mind off quitting, and how she makes you sweat like a pig while saying you look beautiful.

I first came across her in the virtual world when I was browsing some Yoga videos on Youtube and I randomly clicked on one of her videos. Until then, I was hooked. Her fitness calendar had been the wallpaper on my laptop since September 2012. I have been trying to religiously follow the workouts on her calendar each day for 5 months now. Yes, I've been devoting at least 30 minutes of my everyday life to her if you would like to put it that way.

Before her, I thought I was already fit coz I could do more sit ups than most of my male friends and I could run faster than any of my female friends. I was wrong. After trying her workouts, I  oftentimes find myself out of breath and wanting the 30 seconds side plank to be over. I realized how my balance suck and how weak my arms are.

This is the workout video that made me humble, it showed me I have a long way to go when it comes to fitness and that my biceps and triceps are such pussies. Darn, I really hate side planks! :D

Meanwhile, this is my favorite Pop Pilates video because I observed myself get better in doing this workout upon repetition and perseverance! Before, I have to stop while pulsing in duck squats but now, I could follow the whole video in a breeze.. :)

So there, the reason for this post is because there is not much fitness entry in this blog which is weird because exercising is part of my daily routine.  Just see my desktop post-it below.. :D

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