Friday, December 14, 2012

Brian Viveros

For years, this image had been the wallpaper on my old phone. It's file name is viveros.jpg, a default name from the source I downloaded it from. I don't know why I am fixated to this photo/painting but I like the emotion that is being projected out of it. Conservatives would think that this girl needs help but I dunno, I believe that if she would look at generic people, she would think that we all are slaves of the norms and she would say that we also need help. Well, maybe its just me and my secret rebellious self wanting to be Amy Winehouse.

So I've lost my phone and this image but not my secret self. And today I was browsing through deviantart to find a wallpaper for my new phone when out of the blue I remembered about viveros.jpg. That name didn't mean anything to me before until after I googled Viveros.

Brian is the artist's name, a typical American name or so I thought. After browsing through his incredible works, Brian Viveros became more than a name to me and he might actually be the best Brian I ever came across.
Brian Viveros is the guy who made the image above. And I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that I LOVE all of his works. I am not claiming to be artsy but I think a work of art is great when it makes you feel a certain emotion just by looking at it. And for him to be able to convey that emotion to a generic person like me is amazing. 

I don't feel pity for his bruised female paintings, I feel envious because they are brave enough to say "I don't care what you think", do what they want and get to experience life. Unlike the pitiful generic people in their boring everyday suits. And yes, that is the Winehouse in me talking.

Oh and by the way, this is my home screen wallpaper:

I dunno if using his images without him profiting from it is illegal. As for my country, nothing cyber is illegal here.. :)  But I plan on supporting him by buying a Viveros shirt as a birthday and Christmas present for myself.

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