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2 Days and 1 Night in Titi Eco Farm

I am a health-and-wellness freak and I am obsessed with everything organic. I use organic shampoo and soap, drink organic coffee or tea with organic sugar and organic nut milk, eat organic fruits and vegetables and cook on organic extra virgin coconut oil. 

In the midst of this organic infatuation is my desire to visit an organic farm in the Philippines - Costales Nature Farm but I never really had the chance to go. Until recently, some of the bloggers I follow visited Costales and that desire was revived. 

I tried to google if Malaysia has any organic farms since the organic produce here are much more cheaper and more widely available than in the Philippines. The first result is Titi Eco Farm.

To be honest, the first thing that captured my attention is the name of this place. I will provide no further details on that. :)

How to Get There

Most of the blogs about Titi Eco Farm will tell you that this place is quite tricky to locate but we were able to reach it with no hassle by just following Waze. 

Facade of Titi Eco Farm
As you can see, the gate in the photo above is closed. Titi Eco Farm recommends that you make a reservation before your visit.

2D1N Package

There are two options in which you can visit Titi Eco Farm. 
  • Day trip with farm tour and lunch. This is MYR 60 per person.
  • Overnight trip package with 3 meals (dinner, breakfast and lunch), sharing session, bread-making lesson and farm tour. 
We availed of their two days one night package and stayed in the Semi-D Chalet as advised by the Trip Advisor reviews. 

View from the porch of the Semi-D Chalet
The Semi-D Chalet offers basic accommodation but the breathtaking view of the porch makes up for it. There is no AC as it is not needed because it gets pretty chilly here at night even with just a fan.

The toilet is quite small but I always appreciate the rainforest shower, and their bath gel is so refreshing.

Another photo of the front porch that is a good enough reason for me to want to stay here for a month. This spot is good for late night ukulele sessions or just laying down and listening to male cricket's pickup lines.

The Facilities

The Farm Map

Of course, I'll always take the slide.

Sharing Session

The Hall

Titi Eco Farm's Food

Organic. Locally grown. Yummm!
Hibiscus for Breakfast
My favorite food in Titi, the Green Milo. 
Titi Eco Farm's Signature Ulam
The Science in Titi Eco Farm's Signature Ulam
One thing to note is that even the farm serves fresh fish and chicken, the food in Titi are mostly fruits and vegetables. I did enjoy the overflowing healthy organic food but if you are someone who don't really like veggies**, you might not enjoy the food being served in Titi. Otherwise, you can think of it as a detox of your mind and body. 

**Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for your body so you should consider eating more of it. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones who will take the burden of caring of you when you get sick. :)

The Bread Making

My very informative, patient and friendly personal mentor. Since I am the only non-Chinese guest that time, she is the one who taught me how to make steamed bread in English. I feel like an awful human being though because I forgot her name even if I asked her twice. :(

Filling the bread with Roselle jam

That heart shaped bread did not came out as a heart at all after it was steamed. Haha.

The Farm Tour

Our tour guide just casually eating hibiscus flower. I tried it too and it is surprisingly sweet.

Our group enjoying the freshly-picked unfamiliar fruit straight out of a tree.
Waste Management Center
The sweetest guava I have ever tasted is from this tree.

Papaya Science
Happiest when close to nature :)
The famous rabbits and goats of Titi
The thinning population of turtles in Titi because some guests are taking them home. Lol.


Ingenious Fly Catcher
A Normal Day at the Farm
Harvest Time!


Titi Eco Farm rotates their crops to prevent the infestation of pests and insects, also to keep the soil healthy.
Pitaya a.k.a. Dragon Fruit

Moringga Tree. I hope Moringga becomes more popular in Malaysia.
Fresh Sesame Seeds

The farm tour will end in three ways, either by walking in the normal muddy path, by crossing the hanging bridge or the most fun way, via the flying fox.

Hanging Bridge
Flying Fox

Travel Tips 

1. This place is quite far from the town so its better to bring everything you need (listed below).
2. The number one thing you will need is a mosquito repellent. As a person favored by mosquitoes, I went home with numerous bites despite having a mosquito patch.
3. Second thing you will need are extra snacks.
4. If you are going here as a group, think of some evening activities such as ukulele jamming session, card games, etc. because there is limited 4G signal in Titi.
5. You have to live your maze runner dream and get lost in Titi's maze. We ran whilst trying to solve it under the rain, haven't had that much fun in a long time.
6. Every blog about Titi will tell you to book the Semi-D Chalet. I will say the same because its porch facing the hills is everything. :)

7. Try their locally grown freshly brewed coffee.
8. This place is frequented by Malaysian Chinese so if you're from another country or race, you might feel a little bit out of place. It is better to inform Titi that you cannot speak Mandarin or Cantonese so they can assign an English speaking person for you.
9. You have to bear in mind that this is an "eco farm" meaning they promote a healthy lifestyle so the food that they will be serving are mostly fruits and vegetables. If you don't enjoy eating leaves, you might be frustrated after a few healthy meals. :)
10. If you are expecting a happening place, take your lit up ass elsewhere. :)  Overall, Titi Eco Farm is a great retreat from the urban life.

Titi Eco Farm Official Website:
Titi Eco Farm Facebook Page:

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