Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cameron Highlands: On Reaching Peaks and Hitting Rock Bottom

Tea plantations as far as the eye can see, cool mountain breeze, mossy forests, multitude of land rovers, fresh and sweet strawberries. These are not the things that Cameron Highlands remind me of.

It is sad how a place this beautiful had been tainted by wasted memories.

The mountains have always dealt with my overconfidence and this place is no different. I have always thought that I am a good catch. When I am in a relationship, I offer my whole life to the person that I love but I guess sometimes, your everything is not what they need. 

I had been asked multiple times to write a travel guide about my recent trip to Malaysia's Baguio City but up until now I can't muster up the courage to look back at what transpired here about a month ago and think that all I am really remembering are vindictive lies.

A Bleak Path

I had a clear view of our future but after I was hoisted and off guardedly dropped, everything fell to pieces and I have no idea how to move forward. I don't know what hurts more, the things that happened or the things that didn't. Whichever it is one thing is for sure, the pain lingers. 

But just like how climbing a mountain is, you have to accept defeat. Knowing when to give up is just as important and sometimes requires more courage than pushing through your limits. 

We started in a mossy forest in another part of the world quite like Gunung Berinchang and I guess it is apt that we lay our hearts to rest at this similar placid charnel.

It Goes On
I will not lie, I was devastated enough that I even thought of ending it all but I choose to continue my journey.

Looking back at this blog, I realized that I lived a good life. I remembered how amazing it felt to travel alone, to connect with people that share the same passion as mine, to not care about the past and the future and just be at the present moment, to explore the unknown.

I have more mountains to climb, more beaches to bum in, more cities to visit, more culture to experience and more free spirits to connect with.

I am capable of so much more. I am awesome and I will not let anyone make me feel otherwise ever again.

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