Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baler: A Shift in Hellos and Goodbyes

That feeling when you are on your way to a destination and for some reason your heart is beating faster than usual. You know that it is not because you are traveling alone and it is also not because you have not made any reservation on where you're going to stay. 

It is a feeling that is more on the spectrum of the day before a field trip to a theme park in elementary school.

You can't breathe, you check your sleepless self in the mirror, you check the people around you if they are noticing your anxiety. And suddenly, from a distant, you saw his contagious smile and your heart feel that you are home.

The sea is flat, the jellyfishes decided to have a LaBoracay/Full Moon party in Sabang beach, and the sky is cloudy but you do not mind. Coming to this place for the third time, the regrets are nonexistent.

This is the best time so far.

With Lemon Square cupcakes, a bottled water, hearts beating in sync and a rainbow-colored motorcycle, we took off higher than the mountains of Sierra Madre.

On a speeding bike via a straight road nested by acacia trees, with lush green forest and waterfalls on our left, sunset by the sea to our right, and a promise of eternity in between my arms, I got a taste of forever.

Our destination didn't matter, this is the first time I truly believed that it is all about the journey. A lasting journey I hope, but the future is out of mind. The only thing that matters is now. I have you, we have this, now.

It is like being in a movie, a dream, but we all know that movies and dreams don't last a life time. The boundary between real life and reveries needed to be redefined after three days. More than ever, it is harder to return to responsibilities, expectations, and to reality.

A goodbye that has been marked by a tainted realism. A bitter goodbye and our promise of another beautiful hello. 

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