Thursday, December 26, 2013

Baler: Coming of Age and Uncovering That Secret Spot

I had planned to be somewhere extra special in celebration of that day when my parents screwed up their lives. I was thinking Batanes or Bali in Indonesia just so I could have bragging rights of being somewhere significant on my day. But just like most of my travels, out of no cognitive reason I ended up in a place east of Nueva Ecija.

If you do not already know, Baler is best known for surfing. I am no surfer nor am I a swimmer, and my surfing stint in La Union was probably out of pure luck or weak waves so there is no real reason why I choose to be here for my birthday. But I guess it is the mindless decisions that always lead me to the most blissful moments.

The Secret Spot

A view from the porch of my Php500 room in The Secret Spot

It was through We Are Sole Sister's blog that I got to know The Secret Spot. According to my internet research, this resort is located right in front of one of the best surf spots in Baler but my main reason for staying here is that it seems to be uncrowded

The owner, Tita Rose, is such a charming, wonderful, accommodating host. During my alone time, I would just chat with her about anything under the sun. She would tell stories about her daughter Adi, a yoga instructor in Bali. How amazing is that! I somehow got inspired of Tita Rose's stories about Adi and my health and wellness junkie self sort of wanted to live a life like a yogi. 

If you are a creature of comfort who wants your own room with a private toilet, a hot and cold shower, and a flat screen TV then The Secret Spot is not for you. A relaxed vibe provided by native huts, the sand on your feet and the calming view of the ocean that is best enjoyed with an open mind is what The Secret Spot offers. 

Surfing in Baler

That fire in someone's eyes when they talk about their passion

Maybe it is the weather or just me but I honestly had a better surfing experience in La Union than in Baler, though the surfers that I met had the time of their lives whilst surfing in Baler. There was a surfing competition (Aurora Surfriders Club 7th Beach Break Masters) on my stay in Baler but I did not stayed long enough to watch because the crowd is thickening.

The Baler Crowd

I previously stated that in La Union I met the coolest people. Well, if I am to describe the personalities that I met in Baler, cool is an understatement. Psychedelic would probably be the best way to describe the gnarly surfers I run into in Baler. 

Even though my family and half of my friends would think otherwise, I admire all of the people that I got to know in this place. People who found their passion, people who already realized that one thing that they want to do for the most of the their lives, people who doesn't really care about what I do but rather cares about what we all can do to have fun and enjoy the moment. It is beautiful to be away from who I was and just be. 

Coming of Age

The previous year of my existence is probably the most eventful and interesting. Even though I took a step back from things that the metropolitan world would describe as success, I could say that it is one of the best years of my life. It is the year when I discovered my love for the mountains, my affection for the waters and most importantly, my passion for traveling. A passion that I am willing to give up everything for. Yes, even a fast internet connection.

It started when I came home from South Korea. I am usually ecstatic to lay on a familiar bed and cuddle with a familiar pillow right after a trip but that is not how it is anymore. I guess this is what they mean when home doesn't feel like home. When my most prized private space doesn't provide me solitude no more. When it is being in an uncertain road, being in awkward (and sometimes compromising) situations, and being in an unknown place are what my heart is longing for.

She's got the dreamer's disease
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