Friday, July 26, 2013

Dayhike Haywire: Mt. Palay-Palay/Pico de Loro The Descent

While on our way back to the summit and the campsite, the view of the coastline and Mt. Palaypalay are still very visible. We do not want to go down, I mean who would with these view in sight.


But it is already around 3PM and we still have to go to the waterfalls so we bid this heavenly place goodbye. 

The Waterfalls

Blogs about Pico de Loro said that the waterfalls is disappointing during summer but since it has been drizzling and cloudy all day, we were greeted with a live and flowing waterfalls! I guess the gloomy weather has its advantages too.

Just when we thought that this day hike couldn't get any better!

NOTE: The way to the waterfalls is very slippery so take extra caution. Also, the water is shallower than expected. 
The water is refreshingly cold. I would have wanted to stay here longer if only time permits.

We left the waterfalls at 5PM and reached the Base Camp at 6PM. Upon reaching the base camp, it is already starting to get dark and the rain started to pour. Based on the blogs written about Pico de Loro, the base camp is just 30 minutes away from the jump off point so we should be in safety by 6:30PM or 7PM at worst, right? Right? No.

After reaching the base camp, we felt at ease thinking we are well on our way back home and this ease caused us to make careless decisions and started the haywire of this day hike.

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