Sunday, January 20, 2013


I only had 2 hours of sleep and I want to rest so bad but I found myself in the middle of a crowd of screaming young girls singing and dancing to songs they don't even understand. WTH am I doing here. Sure, I like Girls Generation but it's too late when I realized that I don't like them this much.

There is no way out so I just decided to enjoy myself and watch the fan girls and fan boys go crazy over their favorite KPOP singers. Then, I asked myself why the popularity of our local girl and boy groups couldn't match to these Korean talents. Come to think of it, I actually couldn't remember any Filipino boy or girl group that made it's mark. Hmmm.. No, I don't think the Mocha girls count.

These KPOP groups have the charisma, the good looks, and yeah, the talent. Well, the charisma more than the other two.

Girls Generation a.k.a SNSD is the last one to perform with only 5 songs. Bitin! Given my 4 feet 11 inches height and my general admission ticket, I could barely see them. While they are performing, I asked myself again, WTH am I doing here. I realized that I only watch concerts because of the live music and I don't like KPOP songs, I just like how they look. Oh well, I guess I am better off watching them on Youtube. SNSD said they are coming back here on summer but nah.. no more KPOP for me. =P

Fan boys and Fan girls
Girls Generation
Hyoyeon, my favorite member of SNSD coz she has the least number of fans
Meanwhile, a nice photo of the Mall Of Asia fireworks

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